Einheit 3.4 (online)

Übung 1

Hier sind noch mehr Eigenschaften. Sie sind vielleicht hilfreich. Klicken Sie hier.

Übung 2 (refresher on Possessive Determiners)

Übung 3



Please work through the following presentation to learn about the subordinating conjunction “weil”.

Subordinating Conjunction “weil

Übung 4

Wortschatz in Quizlet:



Was wissen Sie jetzt?
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Task 3: Wichtige Personen in meinem Leben

Part 1: In 3.1 and 3.3 you already made a list of the important people in your life and described them. Now pick one of these people and prepare an oral presentation. Please describe the person, your relationship to them, what they look like, their characteristics, etc. In 3.11 or 3.13 you will briefly present “your” person to the class. This presentation should be ca. 2 minutes. Please show a picture of “your” person.

This task will be assessed according to the following Rubric for Task 3 Part 1.

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