Einheit 4: Pläne und Termine machen

Learning Outcomes

At the end of Einheit 4, you will be able to…

  • talk about your daily routine
  • discuss the cultural importance of breakfast
  • make plans for the weekend
  • decline an invitation and give a reason
  • offer suggestions for a healthier lifestyle
  • identify and name parts of the body
  • discuss illness and what hurts
  • make plans (with friends) and formal appointments (with the doctor’s office, bank, professor)

You will also have learned about the following structures:

  • reflexive pronouns in the accusative
  • modal verbs
  • du”-imperative
  • subordinating conjunctions “weil”, “wenn”, “dass”, and “ob

Please print the vocabulary PDF for this unit and add other words that you learn/look up throughout the unit. You can also translate the words provided into your "Muttersprache" if it is not English.

Wortschatz PDF icon Wortschatz 4

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