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H5P activity icon Übung 1: Verben. Time to do a quick review of the verbs you have learned this unit.


blackboard with: der, die, das

grammar icon Grammatik

Grammatical Gender: Nouns and Pronouns

Please work through the following presentation to learn about grammatical gender.

Grammatical Gender: Nouns and Pronouns

H5P activity icon Übung 2


internet search icon Online Wörterbuch. Use the online dictionary dict.cc to look up the gender of the following nouns. Be sure to write down the genders as you will need them in the next activity. Next unit, we will learn more about the formation of plural nouns. 

Beispiel: die Frage – there are two places to find the gender. Both places are highlighted on this screenshot.

screenshot from dict.cc

 Pizza Natur Konzert Supermarkt Musik
 Buch Pilot Restaurant Touristin Haus

H5P activity icon Übung 3. Drag the noun to the correct article.


grammar icon Grammatik

False Friends

Above you saw words like Pizza, Konzert, Musik, etc. These nouns mean exactly what you think they mean and you simply have to learn their grammatical gender in German.

What about these words? Can you guess the meaning?

  • der Chef
  • fast
  • das Gift
  • die Hose
  • spenden

These are what we call false friends or false cognates. These are words that may look familiar, but actually have a very different meaning in German.

What do they mean in English?

  • der Chef  – boss
  • fast – almost
  • das Gift – poison
  • die Hose – pants, trousers
  • spenden – to donate

Here are two great videos that address this topic:
False Friends Part 1
False Friends Part 2

Here is a website that has a wonderful list of common false friends.

external link icon Wortschatz in Quizlet:

Sonstige Wörter und Ausdrücke


Quiz icon Was wissen Sie jetzt? Klicken Sie hier für Quiz 1.10.

oral presentation icon Mein Selfie Video

Watch the following examples:

Make a selfie video introducing yourself and providing basic information about yourself. Use the materials you have learned in this unit. Please do it in one take and do not “edit” your video. Do not read off a script. You can record it yourself or have a friend record it for you. It should be at least 25 seconds long.

This activity will be assessed according to the Rubric for “Mein Selfie Video”.


In this unit we learned about our “Lieblingsfarbe” and we can even talk about our “Lieblingszahl“; however this doesn’t work with “Wetter“. We cannot say: Lieblingswetter. Talking about your favourite weather is a little more complicated. If you want to include weather in your selfie video, please focus on the weather in your current city rather than your favourite weather.

Extra Practice (optional):

video icon 5 Minute German Grammar
If you want extra practice on the concepts learned today, click the topic below:

Grammatical Gender

Personal Pronouns

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