Einheit 4.10 (online)

E-Mail Etikette

As you discovered in the email exchange in 4.9, there are certain structures and phrases that make an email more polite and are appropriate for a specific setting. Although emailing is not a formal way of writing, it is a good idea to use the proper way of addressing someone and finishing an email, especially if you ask that person for a favour or if you are in a more formal relationship with that person (for example, student-professor).

Here are some common greetings and farewells for formal and informal settings:

formal (with professors, supervisors, official inquiries) informal (with friends, family, other students)
Start the email:

  • Sehr geehrter Herr… (last name),
  • Sehr geehrte Frau… (last name),
Start the email:

  • Lieber (male name),/ Liebe (female name),
  • Hallo…,
Finish the email:

  • Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  • Mit herzlichen Grüßen
  • Mit besten Grüßen
  • Ihr (male name)/ Ihre (female name)
Finish the email:

  • Viele Grüße or Liebe Grüße
  • Alles Liebe
  • Bis bald
  • Mach’s gut
  • Dein (male name)/ Deine (female name)


In German, you put a comma after the salutation and then you begin your email or letter with a lower case. See the emails in 4.9 as an example. 

There is no comma after the concluding expression.

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task icon Task 4: Die E-Mail-Verabredung

Together with a partner, you will write emails back and forth (at least 4 from each person) to find a time/day to do a common activity. In your conversation, you will encounter and navigate potential obstacles (e.g., not having time, different plans etc.). Make sure you use the “Redemittel” you learned in this unit.

When you have completed your email conversation, please forward the email thread to your instructor.

This task will be assessed according to the Rubric for Task 4.

Extra Practice (optional):

video icon Nicos Weg
If you want more practice “making arrangements”, click on the link and watch the video. Then click on “start” under the video and do the exercises.

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