Einheit 2.10 (online)

video icon student handout PDF icon Das bin ich …

Watch the following video from Easy German. The first time just listen and read the subtitles when needed. Watch the video again and fill in the chart about 5 of the people we met. You can pause the video while watching to write in the German words. You do not need to write full sentences. You need this information for the activity below.


(Wie heißt du?)


(Woher kommst du?)


(Wo wohnst du?)


(Was ist dein Beruf?)


(Was ist dein Hobby?)

Rosi Gastronom
Julie Bier trinken
Lui München
Eckbert Stein Berlin
Pauli Studentin

H5P activity icon Übung 1


video icon Menschenporträt: Alison and Chris

Alison and Chris studied at the University of Alberta. Watch the video they made for you and answer the questions.

Achtung: Zahnmedizin = dentistry


external link icon Wortschatz in Quizlet:


Quiz icon Was wissen Sie jetzt?
Klicken Sie hier für Quiz 2.10.

writing icon task icon Schreiben Sie Fragen für ein Interview.
Preparation for Task 2: Beschreibung einer Mitstudentin/eines Mitstudenten

For this task, you will describe one of your classmates in writing. This task consists of three parts:

Part 1: First you will prepare a list of questions at home to ask about their personal information (name, age, where they come from and where they live), languages, subject of study, main hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc. Please submit these questions on eClass.

Part 2: Then you will interview a classmate in class (Einheit 2.13) and write down their answers.

Part 3: At home (Einheit 2.14), you will then write a paragraph (120 words minimum) with the information you obtained.

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