Einheit 3.10 (online)

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Adjective Endings in Accusative

Please work through the following presentation to learn about adjective endings in the accusative case.

Adjective Endings in Accusative

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Here are some new verbs used to talk about clothes:

anprobieren (to try on) Was probiert Lisa an?  Lisa probiert eine neue Jeans an. 
anziehen (to put sth. on) Was ziehst du im Winter an?  Im Winter ziehe ich meinen Wintermantel an.
ausziehen (to take sth. off) Was zieht er aus?  Er zieht seine Schuhe aus. 
einpacken (to pack) Was packst du immer ein?  Ich packe immer meine Jacke ein.
gefallen (to please) Gefällt dir der gelbe Rock? Nein, der gelbe Rock gefällt mir nicht. 
passen (to fit) Passt die Jeans gut?  Ja, die Jeans passt sehr gut!
stehen (to suit sb./ to look good on sb.) Was steht ihm total gut?  Das Sakko steht ihm total gut!


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Although we have just been focusing on the accusative case, do not forget what we learned earlier in Einheit 2 about the nominative case. It should be noted that the verbs heißen and sein function like an equal sign, meaning that both parts refer to the same person or thing, and are thus in the nominative case.

Mein bester Freund heißt Sebi. 
Sebi ist ein guter Skifahrer. 

Also do not forget this useful expression: 

das ist/das sind … = “this is” and “these are”

Das ist mein jüngerer Bruder. Das ist meine ältere Schwester. Das sind meine Eltern. 


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task icon Task 3: Wichtige Personen in meinem Leben

In 3.1 and 3.3 you already made a list of the important people in your life and described them. Now pick one of these people and prepare an oral presentation. Please describe the person, your relationship to them, what they look like, their characteristics, etc. In 3.11 or 3.13 you will briefly present “your” person to the class. This presentation should be ca. 2 minutes. Please show a picture of “your” person.

This task will be assessed according to the Rubric for Task 3.

Extra Practice (optional):

video icon Nicos Weg
If you would like extra practice “introducing someone”, click on the link and watch the video. Then click on “start” under the video and do the exercises

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