Einheit 5.6 (online)

fünfter sein

(Gedicht von Ernst Jandl, Illustrationen von Norman Junge)

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Ordinal Numbers

Please work through the following presentation to learn about ordinal numbers.

Ordinal Numbers


Übung 1: Wichtige Daten


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Task 5: Personal Shopper

Imagine you are working as a personal shopper. Based on the information you obtained when interviewing your two classmates in the previous lesson (5.5), you have to find an appropriate present for each of them. You can search web pages or just use your imagination. You have to find a picture of each present (from a web page, a magazine, or draw one) and describe the presents. Also describe your classmates’ likes, dislikes and interests and why you chose those presents for them. Obviously, as a student, you have a limited budget. Both presents may not cost more than $100 together.  Write at  least 120 words. Please submit this task on eClass.

This task will be assessed according to the following Rubric for Task 5.


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