Einheit 6: Auf einer Reise

Learning Outcomes

At the end of Einheit 6, you will be able to…

  • describe and compare different means of transportation
  • describe landscapes and common geographical features
  • discuss and compare various travel experiences
  • talk about a famous German poem (Die Loreley, by H. Heine) in its cultural and historical context
  • identify and describe some features of UNESCO world heritage sites, in particular the Oberes Mittelrheintal (Upper Middle Rhine Valley)
  • plan a trip
    • research and book accommodations
    • read German train schedules and buy a ticket for a train

You will also have learned about the following structures:

  • comparative and superlative
  • accusative prepositions

Please print the vocabulary PDF for this unit and add other words that you learn/look up throughout the unit. You can also translate the words provided into your "Muttersprache" if it is not English.

Wortschatz PDF icon Wortschatz 6

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