Einheit 3.12 (online)

H5P activity icon Übung 1. Take some time to review some of the adjectives that we have learned thus far.


H5P activity icon Übung 2. Let the review continue! 


H5P activity icon Übung 3. Possessive Determiners can also be in the accusative! Time to practice! 

H5P activity icon Übung 4. Before you try this activity, you can review adjective endings in Einheit 3.10.


*ACHTUNG* Throughout the e-textbook you will encounter this expression: 

es gibt … = “there is” and “there are”

Bei MediaMarkt gibt es einen sehr billigen Computer. (singular)

Es gibt viele Personen in meiner Familie. (plural)


external link icon Wortschatz in Quizlet:

Sonstige Wörter und Ausdrücke

Quiz icon Was wissen Sie jetzt?
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task icon Task 3: Wichtige Personen in meinem Leben.

Part 2: Make a collage with photos about the important people in your own life (like Luca’s collage in 3.1). Write a description about three of these people in your collage. You should write at least 150 words. Please submit the collage and the description on eClass.

This task will be assessed according to the Rubric for Task 3 Part 2.

Extra Practice (optional):

video icon Video Serie – Nicos Weg
Click on a link below, watch the video and then click on “start” under the video and do the exercises. 

Video 1Adjective Ending (Nominative & Accusative)
Video 2 – diese- / welch- (Nominative & Accusative)
Video 3Possessive Determiners (Nominative)
Video 4Possessive Determiners (Nominative & Accusative)

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