Chapter 2: Personal Management

12 Wrap-Up

In this chapter, you:

  • identified important personal management habits for Canadian workplace environments
  • identified implied meanings in conversations
  • distinguished between fact and opinion
  • wrote descriptions of events in an organized structure
  • created oral summaries of information.


Think about what you learned in Chapter 2. Discuss

  • something in this chapter that was new to you
  • two things you are more confident about now
  • one thing you would like to improve.

Sandy, your Workplace Mentor


In this chapter, you learned about personal management qualities that Canadian employers value in their employees. Write a short paragraph about one personal management quality that you have, and one personal management quality that you would like to improve on. The personal management qualities that we looked at were the following:

  • Managing time effectively
  • Demonstrating a positive attitude
  • Learning continuously
  • Working responsibly
  • Being creative and flexible


Ray, your Strategy Coach

Chapter vocabulary list and language logs

a) Print the Language Observer Log and the Language User Log to help you extend your language learning into daily

b) Look at the Chapter Vocabulary List and choose four words from this chapter that you want to learn to use, and write them in your language


Informally interview one person who works in Canada. Ask the person about what he or she thinks is the most important personal management quality for an employee working in Canada. Find out why the person thinks it is important and how it affects his or her job. Talk about this information with a classmate or instructor.


Do one of the following:

  • On YouTube, look for a short video giving tips on effective personal management skills. Summarize what you learned.

  • On the ALIS website, do a search for tips on personal management skills. Summarize what you learned.


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