Chapter 2: Personal Management

13 Chapter Vocabulary List

Word Form Meaning
address verb to deal with a matter, issue, or problem
all of a sudden expression without warning; unexpectedly
an accident waiting to happen expression something that could possibly cause a problem if it is not fixed
can-do attitude noun a positive way of looking at challenges and overcoming them
chat verb to talk informally with someone
criteria noun standards by which something is judged
effective adjective successful; giving a positive result
get in touch with expression to contact; to communicate with
handle verb to manage a situation or problem
hard skills noun specific, teachable abilities that can be defined and measured
incident report noun a written document about something that happened, usually created for legal purposes
kiosk noun a small booth or stand where things are sold in a shopping area
maintenance noun the department in a company responsible for looking after the building
nominate verb to officially suggest someone for a job, recognition, or award
optimistically adjective to do something in a positive way with hope for the future
outstanding adjective excellent; better than others
personal management noun the way you conduct yourself, set goals, and work toward them
report verb to tell someone in authority about a problem
safety cone noun an orange, pointed, rubber cone put on the ground to warn people about dangerous conditions
solution-oriented adjective to be focused on resolutions to challenges
submitted verb presented something (for example, a document) for approval
tile noun a square, flat piece of solid material used to cover surfaces such as floors
valued adjective considered to be important


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