Appendix 1: Answer Keys

38 Chapter 3: Answer Key


Focus questions


Appropriate topics for small talk in the workplace Inappropriate topics for small talk in the workplace
Last night’s game Latest political news
Weather Personal problems
New facilities at work An issue with a collegue
A conference or event you attended recently A complaint


Communication Strategy What Paul says at the meeting
Situation and Task Raja and I are working on the 20th-anniversary campaign. Our team is now working on the prize draw–the 20 prizes for 20 weeks.
Action that was taken So far, we have ordered the ballot boxes and contacted all the donors for the prizes.
Result We will receive the ballot boxes tomorrow, and 18 of the donors have responded with amazing prizes. Prizes include gift cards, TVs, video games, hotel holiday packages, and plane tickets.


After you read


a) The email is from Sima.

b) The email is addressed to the mall tenants.

c) The title of the attachment is Delivery Policy.

d) Sima’s job is Guest Services Coordinator.

  1. a
  2. b
  3. a
  4. b
  5. a
  6. a
  7. b
  8. c



Word/phrase Meaning
equipment something used for a specific purpose
loading dock a place for loading or unloading goods
personnel people employed in a company or organization
policy a plan of action chosen by a business
tenant a person or group that rents a space for a period of time
procedure a series of action done in a particular way


  1. a
  2. b
  3. b
  4. b
  5. a
  6. a


manage management
equip equipment
register registration
protect protection
clear clearance

Reading progress check


  1. a
  2. visitor log/Visitor Log
  3. b
  4. b
  5. b


Word/phrase Meaning
secured protected
register to enter or record in an official document
provide to give
identify to say who someone is
remotely from a distance



Verb Noun Adjective
follow certificate equal
injured condition face-to-face
investigate environment online
kick off evacuation protective
lined up fire warden right
supervise kick off injured
volunteer manuals  
condition right  

Listening Excerpt 2: After you listen


  1. b
  2. CDN Malls
  3. a
  4. b
  5. a
  6. c


Employee Rights Employee Responsibilities
Refuse to do a job that is unsafe Read and understand all safety procedures
  Report all unsafe actions to the supervisor
  Report accidents immediately

Listening Excerpt 2: After you listen


First aid and CPR training Fire warden training
16 hours Seven hours
Canadian Red Cross Volunteers
All customer service personnel Online and face to face
Certficiate upon completion Certificate upon completion

Listening progress check

  1. b
  2. 403.400.3400
  3. floor number
  4. a
  5. a
  6. b


Before you write

The Context


The Content


a) at; in

b) at

c) in

d) in

e) on

f) on

g) on

h) on


Pronunciation 2

You,/ as an employee,/ have the right /to refuse / to do a job /that is unsafe. /Yes, / you have the right / to refuse / to do work/ that is not safe,/ but you also have big responsibilities./ So, / what are some of these responsibilities?/ You need to know / and follow / all our safety policies/ and procedures./ You need to keep updated / on changes / to these policies / and procedures./ It is your responsibility / to read /and understand / the safety manuals / and follow them./ It is your responsibility/ to protect yourself,/ your co-workers,/ our tenants,/and our customers./ You must report all unsafe actions / or conditions/ to your supervisor./ You must use the protective equipment/ and clothing that are required for your job./ You must report all accidents / immediately./


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