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In the Workplace

An Intermediate Integrated Skills Textbook!


The textbook is an English language textbook with some very special features. It:

  • has a focus on the workplace in Canada
  • gives you practice in the four main language skills–listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • helps you learn about some aspects of Canadian workplace culture
  • helps you develop some important essential skills
  • is an Open Educational Resource (OER) that can be used in two different ways. You can use it as an online textbook with interactive activities, or you can print the PDF and use it as a regular textbook.

You will meet a few different people in the textbook. Some of the people work for a company called CDN Malls. CDN Malls is a company that cares about its employees and empowers them do their best. Here is some information about the main people you will meet.

Susan is the manager of Guest Services at CDN Malls. Susan is the manager of Guest Services at CDN Malls. She started her career with CDN Malls as a Guest Services Coordinator six years ago.
Sima works at CDN Malls. Sima also works at CDN Malls. She is the Guest Services Coordinator. She loves her job and enjoys working at CDN Malls. She has worked there for three years.
Raja is a newcomer to Canada. Raja is a newcomer to Canada. He has just joined CDN Malls. This is his first job in Canada. He works hard and does his best to notice how people interact and function in the workplace in Canada.
Paul is a new employee at CDN Malls. Paul is also a new employee at CDN Malls. He joined CDN Malls at the same time Raja did. Paul finished university just a few months ago.
Sandy is your workplace mentor. Sandy is your Workplace Mentor. She is very helpful and mentors you by giving you some very important tips about workplace culture in Canada.
Ray is your strategy coach. Ray is your Strategy Coach. He helps you develop your English language learning strategies. Pay close attention to the many useful strategies he gives you.








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