Chapter 5: Career Management

34 Chapter Vocabulary List

Word Form Meaning
achievable adjective capable of being done or completed
action plan noun a document that lists the steps required to achieve a goal
bonus noun an amount of money added to wages or salary, especially as a reward for good performance
brief adjective not very long; short and concise
commitment noun the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something
concrete adjective relating to specific things or actions and not general ideas or qualities
conduct verb to plan, organize, and carry out an activity
constantly adverb all the time; very often
critical adjective expressing criticism or disapproval
deadline noun a date or time by which a task must be finished
document verb noun to create a record of something through writing

an official paper that gives information about something

flexible adjective able to change or do things differently
foundation noun a base or support on which something stands
gaps noun spaces where something is missing
increment noun an increase in wages or salary
individuality noun the quality that makes one person different from others
inevitable adjective sure to happen
journal noun a daily personal record of events
measurable adjective able to be measured
motivate verb to give someone a reason for doing something; to inspire someone
opportunities noun circumstances that make it possible to do something; chances
performance review noun a method of documenting and evaluating how well an individual does at his/her job
perspective noun a way of thinking about and understanding something
periodic adjective occuring at regular intervals
potential noun a quality that can be developed or made better
probation noun a period of time during which a new employee is evaluated to decide whether he/she can do the job well enough
recap verb to restate; to go over again
relevant adjective relating to a subject or topic in an appropriate way
reliable adjective dependable; consistently good in performance
secure adjective safe and unharmed
self-assess verb to evaluate or judge your own performance and progress
self-conscious adjective uncomfortably nervous or embarrassed about what other people think of you
specific adjective clearly and exactly presented
time frame noun a period of time during which an action or a project is planned or takes place
tool noun something that is used to do a job or activity


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