Chapter 1: Workplace Environment

4 Speaking


Task 1 

Listen to the pronunciation of the words and phrases in the audio for Task 1. Repeat and practise.

accountable empower monitor release
adapt encourage onboarding rewarding
appropriate foremost in mind ongoing shifts
attitude good fit for performance review soft skills
button hard skills position strict
carpool identifier potential sustainability
conform identify press trait
core influence probation two-way radio
demonstrate introduce procedure values
diversity keep up promote
earn a raise mentor promotion
emergency contacts mission statement raise

Ray, your Strategy Coach

Task 2

Listen to the audio for Task 2. Pay attention to how the speaker groups words together. Mark any pauses you hear with a /. Discuss the pauses you marked. Practise reading along with the audio, pausing where the reader pauses.

A company’s values are also important when employers make decisions to retain employees. Employers expect employees to show the right attitude and to demonstrate these values once they hire them. They expect employees to conform to the company’s culture and adopt its values. Many successful employees use these values to set goals for improving their soft skills. They know that many companies promote from within. They know that they have a better chance of getting a higher position in the company if they can demonstrate these values along with their hard skills.

Speaking practice

Sandy, your Workplace Mentor

Complete the following

  1. a.) The table contains pieces of a dialogue between Paul and Kevin, another employee at CDN Malls. The pieces of dialogue are not in order. Put the pieces of the dialogue in order. Number them to show the correct sequence. Discuss why you arranged the dialogue the way you did.

b.) Check your answers in the answer key.

Kevin: Well, it’s been close to seven years.
Kevin: The Regal?
Paul: Seven years? You must enjoy your job! Oh, sorry, but I have to rush. I just realized it’s almost one. I promised to meet

someone at the reception. It’s been great talking to you, Kevin. Bye.

Kevin: How’s it going?
Kevin: Oh, yeah. You’ll really enjoy working here. It’s well run, and all the supervisors are great. They really are about empowering everyone to do their best.
Paul: Yeah. And, after lunch, we get to observe people doing the tasks we will be performing. What a great idea—watching the people in action and easing into it like this. I didn’t have this at my last job.
Kevin: See you later!
Paul: At the Regal.
Paul: From Finance? Nice to meet you. I’m Paul. Guest Services. This is my first day here.
Paul: Yeah. It’s a boutique hotel in Calgary. Have you worked here long?
Kevin: Hi, you must be new here. I haven’t seen you before. I’m Kevin from Finance. Pleased to meet you.
Paul: Great, actually. I thought it would be information overload, and I was prepared for that. But it is all very well organized here.
Kevin: And where was that?
  1. Listen to the audio for this task. Listen for the pronunciation of the words and the thought groups. Practise reading along with the audio, pausing where the reader pauses. Listen for and identify examples of clarifying information.
  2. Practise the dialogue with a partner. Pay attention to eye contact and body language.
  3. Discuss the dialogue.

a) Did Kevin and Paul discuss anything personal? Why/Why not?

b) What are some appropriate topics to talk about when you meet someone for the first time at a new job?

c) Did Kevin and Paul always speak in full sentences? Why/Why not?

d) What are three questions you could ask a co-worker on your first day?

e) What are three ways to clarify some information you do not understand?

f) What are three ways you can close a conversation politely?

Speaking progress check


 Read the information in the rubric to the right. It explains what you need to focus on in this activity.

Complete the speaking task on the next page with your instructor or a classmate, paying attention to the expectations in the rubric.

Chapter 1: Speaking progress check
  • Topic: Workplace documents
  • Task: Participate in a conversation


Criteria Yes Almost No How can you improve?
You responded to a greeting appropriately.
You asked a question to get the information you needed.
You clarified the information.
You closed the interaction with appropriate details.
You maintained appropriate eye contact throughout the interaction.



You are a new employee at CDN Malls, and you are looking for the conference room where you are going to have your orientation. Ask the receptionist for the information. Your instructor or a classmate will play the role of the receptionist.




  1. Read the full dialogue and think of appropriate answers. Read the cues carefully. They will tell you what to do. You can make notes to help you. You have five minutes for this.
  2. Now role play the dialogue with a classmate or your instructor. Use appropriate eye contact and body language
(Receptionist) Good morning. Can I help you?
You •     Respond appropriately.

•     Ask a relevant question.

(Receptionist) It’s on the third floor. Turn right after you exit the elevator. It’s the last room on the right.
You •     Ask a question to clarify the information.
(Receptionist) [Answer question]
You Close the conversation appropriately.


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