Chapter 3: Workplace Communications

20 Chapter Vocabulary List


Word Form Meaning
certificate noun an official document that verifies, or gives evidence of, something
clearance noun the clear space between two objects to allow for something to move past or under
condition noun the state of something
environment noun the physical surroundings or conditions in which a person lives or works
equal adjective the same in quantity or value
equipment noun something used for a specific purpose
evacuation noun removal of people from a place of danger
face-to-face expression / adjective physically in the presence of the person or people involved
fire warden noun a person responsible for evacuating people from a building in case of fire
follow verb to go after a person; to travel behind
injured adjective harmed or hurt
investigate verb to make an official inquiry into an incident
kick off verb to begin something
lined up verb got ready or organized
loading docks noun places for loading or unloading goods
log noun a book or online document in which something is recorded
manuals noun handbooks of instructions
online adjective connected to a computer and the Internet
personnel noun people employed in a company or organization
policy noun a plan of action chosen by a business
procedure noun a series of actions that are done in a certain way or order; an established or accepted way of doing something
process verb to deal officially with a document or request
protect verb to keep a person or thing safe from harm or danger
protective adjective protecting or keeping safe from harm or injury
register verb to enter or record in an official document
remotely adverb from a distance
report verb to make an official or formal statement about something
right noun a legal entitlement to something
schedule verb to arrange for a certain time
secured adjective protected
service elevators noun elevators designed for carrying goods; also known as freight elevators
supervise verb to oversee the completion of a task or activity
supervisor noun a person who oversees the work of other people
tenants noun people who rent a space for a period of time
unattended adjective not looked after; not supervised
volunteer noun a person who offers to do a task or activity without payment
work conditions noun the conditions under which an employee works; conditions may include number of hours of work, break periods, physical conditions of the work, etc.


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