Chapter 5: Career Management

33 Wrap-up

In this chapter, you

  • identified common Canadian workplace interactions and behaviours
  • identified the key elements of a common feedback technique
  • gave a short presentation to a familiar audience
  • wrote an organized paragraph.


Think about what you learned in Chapter 5. Then discuss

  • something that was new to you in this chapter
  • two things you are more confident about now
  • one thing you would like to improve
  • how what you learned in this chapter may help you in your work and in your everyday life
  • a goal you want to set for yourself and how to make it SMART.

Sandy, your Workplace Mentor


In this chapter, you learned about setting goals. Write a reflection of one short paragraph about the importance of setting clear goals for yourself.


Ray, your Strategy Coach

Chapter vocabulary list and language logs

a) Print the Language Observer Log and the Language User Log to help you extend your language learning into daily

b) Look at the Chapter Vocabulary List and choose four words from this chapter that you want to learn to Write them in your language logs.


Informally interview one person who is working. Ask him/her about the importance of employability skills or soft skills in the workplace and what strategies he/she used to identify his/her soft skills. Talk about this information with a classmate or your instructor.


  1. Use the Internet to research one of the following:
    • Having a positive attitude at work
    • Dealing with change
    • Receiving feedback at work

Write down four tips or pieces of advice. Share the information with a classmate or your instructor.

  1. Research important soft skills required for the job that you are currently doing or would like to do. Pick one soft skill that you would like to develop and write a SMART goal. Share this goal with a classmate or your instructor.


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