Chapter 4: Clients and Customers

27 Chapter Vocabulary List

Word Form Meaning
address verb to deal with a matter, issue, or problem
adequate adjective enough; sufficient
alternative adjective another possibility available as a choice
apologize verb to say that you are sorry
assure verb to tell someone that something will happen or that something is true
beyond your control expression outside the limits of what you can do
caution noun care taken to avoid danger or risk
challenges noun difficult tasks or problems
compensation noun something that is given to make up for damage or trouble
complaints noun statements that you are unhappy or unsatisfied about something
concerns noun worries or anxiety about something
confirm verb to make sure that something is correct
creatures of habit expression people who do things the same way all the time or whose routine never varies
deserve verb to be entitled to; to have the right to
exercise verb to use or apply
feedback noun helpful information that is given to someone about a product or performance
follow up verb to take appropriate action about something
frustrated adjective feeling annoyed or disappointed about something
gift certificate noun a piece of paper that is worth an amount of money and is given to someone to pay for a product or service
handle verb to manage a situation or problem
hassle noun something that is annoying or causes trouble
hostility noun an unfriendly attitude
impact verb to have a strong effect on something
input noun a contribution of information
log verb to make an official record of something
maintain verb to continue doing something
minimize verb to reduce
monitor verb noun to observe or check the quality of something a device for checking something
on the go expression active or busy
open posture expression standing or sitting in an open, friendly way without crossing your arms
patronage noun regular business given by a person or company
patrons noun regular customers
reassure verb to say or do something to make somebody feel better
rectify verb to make something right or correct
refer verb to pass a matter to someone in authority
regret noun a feeling of sadness or disappointment
regretful adjective feeling or showing sadness or disappointment
renovations noun repairs or improvements to a building
resurface verb to put a new surface on something; for example, a road or street
reviews verb examines or looks at something carefully to make a decision
rough adjective difficult or unpleasant to deal with
see red expression to get angry suddenly
sensor noun a device that detects something
sincere adjective showing true feelings that are expressed in an honest way
stock up on expression build a supply of something
stressful adjective making you feel worried or anxious
summarize verb to repeat information using a minimum of words
sympathizing verb feeling sorry for someone who is in a bad situation
upgrade noun replace one thing with another that is better or newer
woes noun feelings of pain or sadness


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