Chapter 3: Workplace Communications

15 Reading

Ray, your Strategy Coach

Sandy, your Workplace Mentor

The email and the attachment that were mentioned in the video follow in the reading activity. Discuss the questions below to help you prepare for the reading.

  • Look only at the subject line of the email. What is the email about?
  • The tenants of CDN Malls will receive the email. The tenants of CDN Malls are the people who rent space for stores or restaurants in the mall. Do the tenants need to receive items for their businesses? What kinds of items would they need to receive?
  • Would people delivering these items use the main entrance to the mall? Why/Why not?
  • Would they use only special elevators? Why? What are such elevators called?
  • Why does a mall need to have rules and a policy for deliveries?


Complete the following:

Read the questions in the Comprehension section first. Then read the email and the email attachment. This is a strategy to help you locate the answers more easily. Answer the questions.

Email from Sima
Delivery policy page 1 Delivery policy page 2


After you read


Answer these questions about the email and the attachment.

Answer these questions about the email and the attachment.


  1. Match the details below.
a) The email is from __ Delivery Policy
b) The email is addressed to __ Guest Services Coordinator
c) The title of the attachment is __ Sima
d) Sima’s job is __ the mall tenants


  1. Where did Sima’s team post the policy as reminders?

a) In the service elevators and the loading docks

b) In the service elevators only

c) In the loading docks only

  1. Why does CDN Malls have a policy about the wheels on delivery carts?

a) To prevent damage to the delivery vehicles

b) To prevent marks and scratches on floors

c) To prevent the carts from getting too heavy

  1. The delivery policy is important for a safe environment in the mall.

a) True

b) False

  1. CDN Malls will give money to their tenants if anything is lost in the dock.

a) True

b) False

  1. What vehicle information is entered in the delivery log?

a) The make and licence plate number of the vehicle

b) The colour of the vehicle

c) Both a and b

  1. How much time can a delivery truck remain in a loading dock without special permission?

a) Twenty-four hours

b) Half an hour

c) Two hours

  1. The policy says that drivers must not leave truck engines running. This may be

a) to prevent the waste of fuel

b) to keep the air as clean as possible inside the dock

c) both a and b


Ray, your Strategy Coach


Complete the following from the reading.

Part 1

Can you guess what these words and phrases mean? Talk about their meanings in the reading. Use your own words to describe them. Match each word or phrase with the correct definition. There are two extra definitions.

Word/phrase Meaning
a) equipment people employed in a company or organization
b) procedure a person or group that rents a space for a period of time
c) personnel something used for a specific purpose
d) policy a place for loading or unloading goods
e) tenant a series of actions done in a particular way
f) loading dock people who make decisions in a company
supply with the necessary items for a specific purpose
a plan of action chosen by a business


Now, choose any three of the words above and use all three words in a single sentence.

Part 2

Words can have more than one meaning. It is important to know which meaning is being used in the text you are reading. If you choose the wrong meaning, you may not understand the text correctly.


Read the following sentences. Look at the underlined word. Read the two different meanings of the word below the sentence. Both are acceptable meanings for the underlined word. In the context of the sentence, only one meaning is correct. Choose the correct meaning of the word as it is used in the sentence.

  1. Building management will require a minimum of 24 hours to process the request.

In the sentence above, process means

a) deal with something according to a procedure

b) prepare in a factory before selling to a consumer

  1. There are two loading docks in the mall.

In the sentence above, docks means

a) a structure on the edge of a lake, river, or sea where people can tie up boats

b) a place to load or unload things

  1. Security will attend to the matter promptly.

In the sentence above, attend means

a) be present at an event or a meeting

b) deal with or take care of something

  1. All airports have warnings about unattended baggage.

In the sentence above, unattended means

a) not dealt with

b) not looked after or supervised

  1. I got the accident report form from the security personnel.

In the sentence above, form means

a) a document with questions and spaces to fill in and complete

b) a kind, a type, or a variety of something

  1. The details must be entered in the log.

In the sentence above, log means

a) a book or online document in which something is recorded

b) a part of a tree that is cut up and used for making a fire

Ray, your Strategy Coach


Complete the following:

Many suffixes form nouns. Here are a few examples:

a) -ment employ (verb) + -ment = employment (noun)

b) -tion, -ation inform (verb) + -ation = information (noun)

c) -ance, -ence perform (verb) + -ance = performance (noun)

Change the following verbs into nouns using one of the suffixes below. Pay attention to the spelling.

-ment -tion -ation -ance -ence
Verb Noun

Choose three words. Write up to six sentences using both the verb and the noun forms of the three words.


You read the CDN Malls delivery policy. It explains how and where deliveries must be made.


Think about:

  • a place you are working at now or worked at in the past. Did the company or organization have any policies?
  • the kinds of policies a workplace might have.
  • the importance of safety at work.


  • why it is important to have written policies.
  • why it is important that people follow the policies.
  • the importance of following safety policies at work.
  • the CDN Malls delivery policy and practise using the new vocabulary.

Reading progress check

In malls, there are stores and other businesses. Customers and visitors can go to most of the stores and businesses without permission. However, there are secured or restricted areas in many malls where customers and visitors are allowed only with permission.

Here is another CDN Malls policy. Read the questions in the Comprehension section before reading the policy below. This is a strategy to help you locate the answers more easily. After reading the policy, answer the questions.

Policy page 1Policy page 2


  1. Which title best suits this policy?

a) Visitor Policy

b) Security Policy

c) Store Policy

  1. What is the name of the document where the information about visitors is recorded?

  1. Visitors can freely enter the tenant offices.

a) True

b) False

  1. After hours, how can visitors contact the Security Desk inside the mall?

a) They need to contact the Security Desk by

b) They need to press a button on the access panel near the main

c) They need to send an email asking for permission.

  1. Only visitors who visit during business hours have to register the time they leave.

a) True

b) False


Refer to the policy. What do the following words mean? Match each word with the correct meaning.

Word/phrase Meaning
a) secured from a distance
b) register to say who someone is
c) provide to enter or record in an official document
d) identify protected
d) remotely to give




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