This OER project was funded internally by Curriculum Development at NorQuest College.

We extend a very special thank you to the many contributors to this project, including students, writers, reviewers, editors, and administrators who directly or indirectly supported the development of this Settlement Studies open educational resource. 


With the support of NorQuest College’s Faculty of Skills and Foundational Learning, namely Patti Hergott (Dean) and Lisa Rochman (Associate Dean), the kernel of an idea was put forward for consideration as a Curriculum Development project. Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to innovative projects and to the settlement sector.


Thank you to Dawn Witherspoon and Robert Lawson in the Curriculum Development department for supporting the project from inception through to publication.  


We are deeply indebted to the talented writers who shared their knowledge and expertise, including Alexandru Caldararu, Julie Clements, Rennais Gayle, Christina Hamer, Maria MacMinn Varvos, and Lynn Sutankayo.  


Careful review and editing of each chapter was conducted by reviewers who included Oscar Vergara, Suzanne Oswald, Alexandru Caldararu, Lynn Sutankayo, Wendy Ilott, Rosalia Dela Cruz, Rodger Murray, Mitch Fournier, Rebecca Hardie, and Wendy Chambers. Thank you for taking on this important work to ensure a quality OER.   


We are also indebted to our dedicated Pressbooks consultant, Sarah Adams, and later in the project, Nicholle Carrière, who uploaded, organized, and copyedited the OER content into Pressbooks. Thank you for the countless hours of work you contributed to the project.   


To bring the OER project full circle to its intended audience of learners, Settlement Studies students contributed designs and Rahma Farah’s design was selected for the book cover. A huge thank you to all students who submitted designs.   


This resource was produced by NorQuest College in partnership with the University of Alberta Library’s Open Education Alberta publishing project.

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