Tools and Apps

for Technology and Online Learning

New tools, apps and interactive resources are constantly being developed. The following list is just a sampling of the technologies that ESL teachers use.
Screencasting platforms
Audio tools
Sources for images
Tools for creating online learning activities

Activities created with the following tools can be linked to or embedded in an LMS, or sent to learners via email, for instance. Learners can do these activities in class or on their own time.

Tools for creating interactive polls/quizzes/games

These interactive polls and quizzes are used in real time, both in face-to-face and synchronous online classes.

Websites with interactive language learning activities and games
Tools for basic keyboarding and computer skills
Online dictionaries and vocabulary development
  • For websites related to language skills, vocabulary, grammar, etc., see Classroom Resources for Instruction.
  • For websites related to Literacy, see Classroom Resources for EAL Literacy.


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