Resources for the Classroom

for Instruction 

This section includes resources (lesson plans, curriculum, readings, videos, podcasts, etc.) to use in class.
General and 4 Skills

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TED. (n.d.).


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University of Victoria ELC Study Zone. (2021). 

Speaking and Writing

EAP Foundation (n.d.). Speaking.

EAP Foundation (n.d.). Writing.

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British Council. (n.d.). Speaking. LearnEnglish Teens.

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Pronunciation & Vocabulary

EAP Foundation (n.d.). Vocabulary.

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Flax Interactive Language Learning. (n.d.). Learning collocations.

Games to Learn English. (n.d.) (2021). English vocabulary.

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Word Hippo.


See also voice recording tools such as VoiceThread,, Soundcloud, and Moodle Forum tools, and voice recognition tools such as  

Intercultural Communication

Adichie, C. N. (2009). The danger of a single story [Video]. TED.

ATESL. (2016). Enhancing intercultural communicative competence: A resource based on the ATESL Adult ESL Curriculum Framework.

Bourrelle, J. S. (2015). How culture drives behaviours [Video]. YouTube.

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Transinter. (2017, January 10). Cross cultural communication Pellegrino Riccardi TEDx Bergen [Video]. YouTube.


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