The Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language (ATESL) is a professional organization that promotes the highest standards of teaching and English language program provision for all learners in Alberta whose first language is other than English.

Professional Development Opportunities

Encouraging and providing professional development opportunities that are consistent with generally accepted principles of adult learning and with currently understood principles of second language learning and teaching.


Liaising with other organizations, local, provincial, national, and international, engaged in education.

Creating Awareness

Creating awareness about immigration, settlement of immigrants, and English language learning by communicating with government, business, and the general public.

Communicating Standards

Encouraging awareness of issues of accountability and program standards by communicating with English language program providers and learners.

Develop Policies & Procedures

Working collaboratively with government to develop policies and procedures which govern the provision of English language programs and related services for immigrants to Canada.

Involving Learners

Encouraging and supporting the participation of learners in the decision-making processes that determine their educational choices.


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