8.1 Introduction to Tests and Procedures

Learning Objectives

By the end of this chapter you will be able to

    1. Describe common laboratory procedures
    2. Describe common ultrasound procedures
    3. Describe common nuclear medicine scans
    4. Describe common radiology procedures
    5. Describe common clinical procedures
    6. List abbreviations and their meanings for common diagnostic tests

Chapter Overview

This chapter will explore diagnostic tests and procedures that are typically performed in a hospital and other medical settings. Tests and procedures occur every day in health care, and many of us have likely had a number of these tests ourselves. This chapter has been organized into lab tests, diagnostic imaging, and clinical procedures. The diagnostic imaging section includes X-rays, ultrasounds, nuclear medicine, and MRIs. Tests and procedures will be explained, abbreviations will be listed where applicable, and important considerations will be discussed. A large assortment of images and some videos will assist you with your learning. Exercises are also provided throughout, as well as a final review to solidify what you have learned.



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