This book was commissioned by Stan Boutin, who, at the time of writing, held the Alberta Biodiversity Conservation Chair at the University of Alberta. This project began as a legacy initiative, building on over 20 years of collaborative efforts involving myself and Stan and a network of colleagues. I thank Stan for all the support he has provided to me over the years, and for providing the seed funding, encouragement, and advice that made this book possible.

Steve Kennett has been a colleague of mine for many years and has been indispensable in the writing of this book. From the outset, Steve has served as a reliable sounding board, and his insights and criticisms have greatly improved the final product.

Michael Sullivan has always been an inspiration to me, advancing conservation against impossible odds with remarkable drive and dedication. I thank Michael for providing the walleye case study.

Alina Schneider and Arnold Grandt provided valuable suggestions for improving the readability of text, and Frances Stewart (now Dr. Stewart) provided a student’s perspective. I also thank Renita Falkenstern for her copyediting efforts.

Last, but certainly not least, I thank all the individuals that took time out from their busy schedules to provide technical reviews of individual chapters:

Terry Antoniuk (Salmo consulting)
Erin Bayne (University of Alberta)
Dave Belyea (Alberta Environment)
Stan Boutin (University of Alberta)
Mark Boyce (University of Alberta)
Lu Carbyn (Canadian Wildlife Service)
Elston Dzus (Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries)
Lee Failing (Compass Resource Management)
Pat Fargey (Alberta Fish and Wildlife)
Geoff Holroyd (Canadian Wildlife Service)
Steve Kennett (Policy consultant)
Kim Lalonde (Alberta Environment and Parks)
Tara Martin (University of British Columbia)
Scott Nielsen (University of Alberta)
John Sandlos (Memorial University)
John Stadt (Alberta Agriculture and Forestry)
Mike Sullivan (Alberta Fish and Wildlife)


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