25 Other Common Interview Questions

On this page, you will learn about other common interview questions that cannot be answered using the STAR model. You will do the following activities:

  • Review some vocabulary.
  • Watch a video about how to answer eight common interview questions.
  • Answer some questions based on the information you learn.

You have learned to answer the following kinds of interview questions:

  • “Tell me about yourself” questions
  • Questions about your skills and experiences
  • Questions about your past job
  • Questions that you can answer with a STAR story

In the activities below, you will learn how to answer eight other common interview questions.

A. Vocabulary Review

Answer the two questions below to learn or review some words that you may find more difficult.

B. Common Interview Questions

You can learn this information in different ways. You can watch the video below. You can also read the information by clicking on each of the tabs to learn more about each common interview question. You can also click on this link if you would prefer to download and read about other common interview questions

  1. Watch the video or read the information below.
  2. Answer the questions that follow.



Answer the questions below about the information you’ve learned about common interview questions.


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