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LINC Works Project

The LINC Works Project materials are designed to help lower-level English language learners gain and maintain employment in Canada. The materials in this LINCWorks – Interviews Workbook CLB 5 are adaptations of the learner handouts in the LINC Works Interviews module. Lessons have been reorganized to suit a textbook format. Relevant Portfolio Based Language Assessments can be found at

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NorQuest College expresses appreciation to Employment and Social Development Canada, Office of Literacy and Essential Skills for funding the creation of these materials.

NorQuest College also gratefully acknowledges the support of the University of Alberta Library in the production of this book.

NorQuest College would like to recognize the hard work, support, knowledge, and expertise received during the various stages of this project. The LINC Works project team comprised a pan-Canadian advisory group of CLB, PBLA, reading strategy, literacy, and Essential Skills experts, assessment specialists, and practitioners in the form of numerous urban and rural instructor pilots, developers, consultants, reviewers, editors, and administrative support.

Project Lead: Lisa Rochman

Curriculum Lead: Kim Chaba-Armstrong

Workbook Editor: Sara Gnida


This is an open educational resource. You may use, adapt, reproduce, store, and/or transmit the materials freely, as long as the materials are not used for commercial purposes. Attribution is required.

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This resource was produced by NorQuest College in partnership with Employment and Social Development Canada and the University of Alberta Library’s Open Education Alberta publishing project.

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