11 Listen: Interview at a Hotel

On this page, you will listen to part of a job interview. You will do the following:

  • Review vocabulary.
  • Listen for the main idea.
  • Listen for details.
  • Listen and complete notes.
  • Write a response.

A. Vocabulary

You will see or hear the following words. Do you know what they mean? Answer the two questions below.

B. Listen for the Main Idea

Hotel room

What is this audio mainly about?

  1. Listen to the whole audio.
  2. Then answer the three questions below. (Note: The questions will automatically advance after you answer.)

C. Listen for Details

Listen again. As you listen, answer the following seven questions.

D. Listen to Complete Notes

The following are some notes that the applicant took. You have already listened to this audio two times, so you should be able to guess some of the answers.

  1. Read through the notes and guess the answers.
  2. Listen again and type in the answers.
  3. Check your work.

E. Write a Response

If you were at the interview, what would you say? You would need to answer the interviewer’s questions. You might also ask the interviewer some questions. Respond to the questions in the writing tool below.

  1. Type your answers in the boxes on the Answer Question page.
  2. Export your ideas into a Word document on the Export your Answer page. You can submit this document to a teacher or tutor.
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