16 Tell Me About Yourself (Part 2)

On this page, you will answer the most common interview question: “Tell me about yourself.” You will do the following:

  • Gather ideas.
  • Describe yourself.

A. Gather Ideas

The following is a writing tool. Use this tool to gather ideas for answering the “Tell me about yourself” question. You will use these ideas later when you record yourself.

  1. Type your answers in the boxes on the Tell Me About Yourself page.
  2. Export your ideas into a Word document on the Export your ideas page. You can use this document when you make your recording.

B. Describe Yourself

Imagine that an interviewer asks you to “Tell me about yourself.”

Record yourself telling the interviewer about yourself. Use the ideas you gathered. Talk about the following:

    • Soft skills (I am ___, ___, and ___. For example, … .)
    • Education (I studied … . Now I am studying … .)
    • Work experience (I worked as a ___ for ___ years.)
    • What or why (I am looking for … . I enjoy/like … .)
    • Other

You can download the recording and send it to a teacher or tutor for feedback.

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