24 Initiative Interview Question

On this page, you will practise listening to some information to take notes. You will do the following activities:

  • Watch a video about how to answer an initiative interview question.
  • Practise taking notes.

It is important to be able to take notes when you listen. The video below shows what it means to take the initiative. As you listen you can stop the video so you can write down some notes to help you remember what initiative means.

Remember, showing initiative is important for work in Canada. In job interviews, try to talk about how you take initiative.

A. Watch a Video and Take Notes

  1. Watch the following video to learn how to answer situational questions about initiative.
  2. Take notes as you watch.

B. Use Your Notes

  1. Use your notes to fill in the blanks in the document below.
  2. Watch the video again to check your answers.
  3. If you want to send your answers to a tutor or teacher for feedback, export your answers into a Word document on the Document Download page.
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