5 Interviews in Canada

On this page, you will learn about job interviews in Canada. You will do the following:

  • Read about job interviews and getting ready for work in Canada.
  • Reflect on your job search skills.
  • Reflect on your technical skills.

In Canada, getting an interview means that people are interested in knowing more about you. They looked at your application form and/or your resumé and they liked what they saw.

For all jobs, you need to be punctual, show initiative, be reliable and flexible, and ask questions at the right time. Being willing to ask questions is really important for safety! You can demonstrate these soft skills during your interview.

The interview is one of the most important steps in the process of getting a job. It is the step that will convince someone if you are or aren’t good for their company. Employers will hire for “fit” and train for skill. This means many employers are willing to train great people.

The interview is usually a formal activity. It is important to know what to do before, during, and after an interview. Preparing for an interview will help you feel more calm and confident. These are qualities that employers look for. This module will help you prepare for an interview.

The skills you learn in this module will also be good for work and your life. They are transferable skills.

“Studying employment topics can help newcomers get hired by helping them make a resumé and by coaching them in answering interview questions well. They will increase their employment opportunities by showing good employability skills, especially indicating an ability and willingness to work collaboratively with others.”

A. Important Skills for Finding Work

Here are some important skills for finding work in Canada. Think about the following list. Which skills do you have? Take note of the skills you need to work on.

B. Important Technical Skills

The following activity has a list of important technical skills needed for work and life in Canada. Click through the list—there are four questions. Which skills do you have? Click on Show Solution and take note of the skills you need to work on.

C. Getting Ready for Work and Life in Canada

Following are three basic ways to get ready for work and life in Canada. Are you working on these things?

1. Increase language level. This is important for finding a job and advancement in Canada.

“In order for newcomers to access opportunities for job advancement, language training is required.”

2. Believe in lifelong learning. Things change. We need to learn new things so we can work with the changes.

“Don’t give up. The language may be a problem, but you can learn. … With effort and interest, you can do anything.” 

3. Learn about Canadian culture and the cultures of the people around you. Your classmates and the people you work with might have different cultures. It is important to understand people.

“Newcomers need confidence and inner strength. They also need the courage to embrace a new culture and to learn new things. Then they will be successful.”

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