28 Interview Etiquette

On this page you will do the following:

  • Practise or learn new vocabulary.
  • Complete a listening activity.
  • Complete a dictation activity.

On the last few pages, you focused on body language during an interview. Now you will learn more about general interview etiquette. Etiquette is rules for polite behaviour for specific situations. What is or isn’t good to do at a job interview? What should you wear to a job interview? Can you smoke during an interview? Most people are nervous about interviews. This is normal. If you know what to do, it helps you relax.

Let’s continue to learn about interview etiquette!

Working with Others Tip

You will work with people with different backgrounds and genders. Anyone could be your boss. Decide how you will work respectfully with everyone.

A. Review Vocabulary

Do the activity below to learn or review some vocabulary you will hear and use. There are two questions.


B. Analyze a Video

  1. Watch the video below. Listen carefully to the interview.
  2. Answer the seven questions that follow.

C. Focused Listening

You are going to practise your listening skills in this activity. You will hear 10 interview etiquette sentences that tell you what to do and what not to do during an interview. Listen carefully and type the sentences that you hear.



One More Tip!

Did you know that one of the most important actions employers want to see from their employees is initiative? For example, they want to see you trying to solve problems on your own before asking for help. They want to see you doing other tasks because they need to be done, not because someone told you to do them.

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