27 Interview Tips

On this page, you will do the following activities:

  • Watch a video and take notes.
  • Create an interview tip sheet.
  • Review some important interview tips.

In the last activities, you learned about body language and watched two videos. In the videos, you saw some examples of appropriate and inappropriate interview behaviour. Now you are going to watch another video and make a tip sheet of the top ten things that you think are important to do or not do during an interview.

A. Watch a Video

As you watch the video:

  • Have a pen and paper ready to take some notes.
  • Don’t worry too much about understanding all the questions and answers.
  • Pay close attention to the body language and the attitude of the candidates.

You could begin your interview tips with phrases like these:

  • It’s best to …
  • You should/should not …

You can also use the imperative to give people tips on how to do something. You can to this ESL Library page to review or learn more about when and how to use the imperative form. 


  1. Watch the video. The video will pause. Click on the blue button that appears. You will see some questions to think about.
  2. Use these questions to help you take notes.
  3. You can start to write your tips as you are watching the video.
  4. At the end of the video, there are three summary questions for you to answer.


Cultural Tip!
Shaking hands is commonly expected for both men and women in Canada. However, it is also becoming common to put your hand over your heart instead and say, “For cultural (or religious) reasons, I may not shake hands.” 

B. Write Interview Tips

Use this tool to write your interview tips and send them to your teacher.


C. Review

You have written your top ten interview tips. Now review what you learned. Think about each action below. Is this something you should or should not do during an interview? Drag each action to its correct place.


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