10 Listen: Interview at an Animal Shelter

On this page, you will listen to a job interview. You will do the following activities:

  • Review vocabulary.
  • Listen for the main idea.
  • Listen and choose the correct answer.
  • Listen and fill in the blanks.

A. Vocabulary

You will see or hear the following words. Drag and drop the words into the correct box to learn or review their meanings.


B. Listening Tips

cat in cageIn a moment, you will listen to an audio. First, read the listening tips below.

Tip 1: Predict and be curious!

Try it out! Look at the picture. Guess! What kind of job do you think the applicant is applying for?

Tip 2: The first time you listen, just try to catch the main idea. Don’t do anything else.

C. Listen and Answer the Questions

  1. Suggestion: First read through the 12 questions and guess the answers.
  2. Then listen to the audio again and answer the questions.

D. Fill in the Missing Words

The following is a summary of this audio. You have already listened to this audio two times, so you should be able to guess some of the answers.

  1. Read through the summary and guess the answers.
  2. Listen again and type in the answers.
  3. Check your work.
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