15 Tell Me About Yourself (Part 1)

On this page, you will learn how to answer the most common interview question: “Tell me about yourself.” You will do the following:

  • Review vocabulary.
  • Read a paragraph.
  • Identify your soft skills.
  • Listen to a description.

A. Vocabulary

You will hear or see the following words on this page. Do you know what they mean? There are three questions.


B. “Tell me about yourself”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“Who are you?”

“Give me a summary of you.”

Usually, this type of question is the first interview question. The interviewer might change the question. They might use different words. But they want the same information. The interviewer doesn’t want your really personal information. They want to know about the “worker” you. They want a short description of, for example, your soft skills, your education, your work experience, and what you are looking for. Prepare and memorize your answer to this question for each job interview. Different kind of job, different answer (usually).

C. Learn About Soft Skills

Flip through the 12 flashcards below to review some adjectives for soft skills. Turn each card to review the definition. As you go through the flashcards, look for adjectives that describe YOU. Think of examples to show that the adjective describes you. Write down five adjectives that describe you.


D. Listen to a Description

In the audio below, a speaker is describing herself. Listen to the audio.


Listen again. Pay attention to how she organizes her ideas. Drag and drop to match the topic with the sentence patterns.


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