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Misinformation, Disinformation, and Digital Citizenship [New]

Building Resilience to Misinformation: An Instructional Toolkit [New]

Developed by academic librarians at the University of Calgary, the purpose of this toolkit is to assist faculty and students in discussing and engaging on the topic of misinformation. This toolkit is designed to offer customizable content and flexible delivery options. For example, modules can be edited to add discipline-specific content, delivered synchronously or asynchronously, and used in online or in-person classes. Each module includes editable PowerPoint Presentation content, suggested activities, quizzes, further resources, and a linked glossary [Description adapted from resource].

Includes: moduled slides and lecture notes, glossary, suggested activities, quizzes, student feedback survey

Licence: CC BY-NC 4.0, unless otherwise noted.

Critical Data Literacy: Strategies to Effectively Interpret and Evaluate Data Visualizations [New]

A short course for students to increase their proficiency in analyzing and interpreting data visualizations. By completing this short course students will be able to explain the importance of data literacy, identify data visualization issues in order to improve their own skills in data story-telling. The intended outcome of this course is to help students become more discerning and critical users of data, graphs, charts and infographics [Description from resource].

Includes: summaries, glossary, exercises

Licence: CC BY 4.0

Digital Citizenship: Misinformation & Data Commodification in the Twenty-First Century [New]

An instructional text that seeks to untangle the social complexities and ethical dilemmas of online data and information. DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP will educate readers on the economics of the Internet and the means by which political bad actors exploit its platforms to pervert the public discourse [Description from resource].

Includes: activities, videos

Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Disinformation: Dealing with the Disaster [New]

Disinformation: Dealing with the Disaster provides a foundational knowledge of today’s chaotic online information environment. Readers will come to understand various concerning concepts such as information overload and fake news, while engaging in discussions about familiar online entities including trolls, bots and influencers. Each chapter culminates in an important lesson about how to begin to deal with the disaster and take meaningful steps towards becoming responsible digital citizens [Description from resource].

Includes: discussion questions, glossary

Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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