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Diversity and Difference in Communication (LibreTexts)

Interpersonal communication in health and social care services is by its nature diverse. As a consequence, achieving good or effective communication whether between service providers and service users, or among those working in a service means taking account of diversity, rather than assuming that every interaction will be the same. This text available through LibreTexts explores the ways in which difference and diversity impact on the nature of communication in health and social care services.

Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Maternity Series

The Maternity Series is an open educational resource (OER) containing four units and three simulation games (“games”) on the essentials of maternal and newborn nursing assessment and care: Prenatal Nursing Care, Labour and Delivery Nursing Care, Postpartum Nursing Care, and Newborn Care.

Learners can test their retention of knowledge from each unit by practicing their skills in a safe environment by playing a simulation game. (Note: The game for the Postpartum and Newborn units are combined into one game). Prenatal Nursing Care, Labour and Delivery Nursing Care, and Postpartum Nursing Care games are also available in French.

Licence: CC BY-NC 4.0


Gynecological Assessment

Health professional programs such as nursing and medicine have historically had difficulty securing assessment experiences such as gynecological examinations. Decreased availability of preceptors and increased transitions to virtual care has recently made learning associated with this important topic even more difficult to obtain. To help better prepare health care providers, we have developed four online gynecological assessment learning modules in combination with virtual knowledge checks that will help articulate an approach, demonstrate techniques of examination, identify and diagnose disorders, and develop an evidence-based plan.

Includes: Videos and interactive exercises

Licence: CC BY-NC 4.0


Comprehensive Midwifery: The role of the midwife in health care practice, education, and research: An interactive guide to the theory and evidence of practice

This textbook was written by professors in McMaster’s midwifery program.

Includes: Glossary, case studies

Licence: CC BY-NC 4.0

Learning Primary Midwifery Care

Learning Primary Midwifery Care is a package of three online learning modules for midwifery learners and teachers developed by the Ryerson University Midwifery Education Program in collaboration with faculty partners from Laurentian and McMaster Universities.

Includes: Quiz

Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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