OER Repositories

OER Repositories

Here are some of the repositories used to discover the OER contained within this guide:

Open Educational Resources (OER) Library Guide, UCalgary LCR

For more information about finding, evaluating, adopting, adapting, and creating OER, visit UCalgary’s Libraries and Cultural Resources OER Library Guide (libguides.ucalgary.ca/guides/oer).

Open Course Materials Matching Service (OCoMMS), UCalgary LCR

Are you interested in finding more open educational resources that match your course?

Libraries and Cultural Resources offers a service to assist faculty, instructors, and other educators selecting materials for their course or program who are interested in incorporating Open Educational Resources. Visit the OCoMMS Library Guide (https://libguides.ucalgary.ca/guides/ocomms) to learn more about this service and to submit an OCoMMS search request.


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