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Advanced Library Skills for Physics Research

This guide by Lauren Stieglitz at the University of Alberta Library covers literature searching and information evaluation for upper-level undergraduate and Master students conducting physics research.

Licence: CC BY

Building Resilience to Misinformation: An Instructional Toolkit [New]

Developed by academic librarians at the University of Calgary, the purpose of this toolkit is to assist faculty and students in discussing and engaging on the topic of misinformation. This toolkit is designed to offer customizable content and flexible delivery options. For example, modules can be edited to add discipline-specific content, delivered synchronously or asynchronously, and used in online or in-person classes. Each module includes editable PowerPoint Presentation content, suggested activities, quizzes, further resources, and a linked glossary [Description adapted from resource].

Includes: moduled slides and lecture notes, glossary, suggested activities, quizzes, student feedback survey

Licence: CC BY-NC 4.0, unless otherwise noted.

Contemporary Issues in Collection Management [New]

This edited, openly licensed, textbook examines several different issues in collection management. Topics covered include physical vs. digital collections; the impact of BookTok on collections; challenges to 2SLGBTQ+ collections ; ebook licensing; ebook pricing; accessible collections for users with physical disabilities; accessible collections for users with invisible disabilities; “just in time”/demand-driven acquisitions; climate change and collections and research data collections [Description from resource].

Licence: CC BY-NC

Copyright Open Educational Resource for University Instructors and Staff [New]

Copyright considerations are relevant to many university activities in Canada, both for creators and users of copyright-protected material. This series provides university employees with a general overview of copyright through seven short, self-directed, bilingual instructional modules. Each module contains a short video, usually between 4 and 6 minutes in length, and a quiz. The webpage text that follows the video is a transcript of the narration from the corresponding video for the module. The quizzes at the end of each module are learning tools; results are not monitored or retained. These modules are meant to supplement rather than replace the resources provided by your employer. For information about specific scenarios, consult your own institution’s copyright guidelines and policies, and, if necessary, seek legal advice. Separately, the Opening Up Copyright instructional modules, based at the University of Alberta, provide more in-depth copyright information on a range of topics, for a broader audience. If you are considering using this course on your campus, ideas for implementation are available in the implementation guide… You can download all of the source files for the course, including images, transcripts, audio and video files, and captions in University of Calgary’s digital collections. All videos can also be watched on CARL’s YouTube channel.

Includes: modules, videos, quizzes

Licence: CC BY-NC 4.0

Educational Psychology Library Lab Manual

This manual for Educational Psychology by Denis Lacroix at the University of Alberta Library provides the foundational knowledge necessary to start searching for information in Educational Psychology. The manual contains step by step instructions, videos, and examples. The successful completion of the objectives below will depend on answering the exercise questions and reviewing the examples whenever necessary. While some of the information is specific to the University of Alberta, the more general search strategy, database, evaluation, citation, and management of sources information can be applied at the University of Calgary as well.

Licence: CC BY-NC-SA

Library Skills for 2nd Year Biological Sciences

Developed by Lauren Stieglitz at the University of Alberta Library, this tutorial covers the library skills required for students in 200-level Biological Sciences courses.

Licence: CC BY

Virtual Simulation: An Educator’s Toolkit [New]

This open access etextbook was developed as a resource to help educators and simulationists use virtual simulations with learners in all educational settings. It is designed to highlight key concepts related to educator preparation, prebrief, enactment, debrief and evaluation stages required for providing an effective virtual simulation learning experience. The foundational information in this etextbook will benefit any educator who is using virtual simulation in a course, lab, clinical setting or to augment clinical practice.

Includes: interactive content, videos

Licence: CC BY-NC 4.0

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