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Chemical Engineering Separations: A Handbook for Students

This handbook is intended for use by undergraduate students who are taking a course in chemical engineering separations. It assumes that students have taken one or two semesters of chemical engineering thermodynamics, one semester of heat and mass transfer, and one semester of computational methods for chemical engineering.

Licence: CC BY-NC

Inorganic Chemistry for Chemical Engineers

This textbook has been specifically adapted for CHEM 250, an interdisciplinary inorganic chemistry course at UBC-V, for Chemical Engineering students. The main objective of this book is to introduce students to the basic principles of inorganic chemistry and link them with current applications relevant to a chemical engineer.

Licence: CC BY

Learn ChemE

LearnChemE features chemical engineering education resources produced by the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU).  These all inclusive digital OneNote notebook files containing class notes, ConcepTests, pre-class assignments, recommended screencasts and simulations, homework problems, sample exams and resources about active learning methods. 

Licence: CC BY-SA

Phase Relations

This open textbook provides an overview of the central role that phase behaviour plays in the petroleum extraction processes. Readers should be able to describe, in concrete terms, how knowledge of fluid phase behaviour impacts specific aspects of the process design and/or operations.

Includes: diagrams, problem sets.

Licence: CC BY

Energy Engineering

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