Faculty of Arts

Faculty Departments

*Note: This faculty has been organized alphabetically into the departments identified on the faculty website, followed by any applicable sub-departments or subjects. OERs are organized alphabetically by title within their subject area.

Subject Librarians

Department of Anthropology and Archaeology:  Renee Reaume (Anthropology) and Jerremie Clyde (Archaeology)

Department of Art and Art History: Alexandra Alisauskas

Department of Classics and Religion: Jerremie Clyde

Department of Communication, Media and Film: Merran Carr-Wiggin

Department of Economics: Paul Pival

Department of English: Bethany Paul

Department of Geography: James Murphy

Department of History: Nadine Hoffman

Department of Philosophy: Bart Lenart and Alexandra Alisauskas (Gender and Sexuality Studies)

Department of Political Science: John Wright

Department of Psychology: Caitlin McClurg

Department of Sociology: Kathy Wise

School of Creative and Performing Arts: Marc Stoeckle

School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Culture: Marc Stoeckle and Bethany Paul (Languages & Literatures)


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