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Coastal Dynamics

This textbook on Coastal Dynamics focuses on the interrelation between physical wave, flow and sediment transport phenomena and the resulting morphodynamics of a wide variety of coastal systems.

Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Earth Science

This text includes introductions to concepts from level I earth science courses, from geology to water systems. It was developed through Lumen Learning and a professor of Geology and Earth Sciences from Santa Ana College.

Includes: Exercises, summaries

Licence: CC BY 4.0, unless otherwise noted.

Environmental Geology 

This environmental geology course is about how geological processes affect the environment as well as humans and their infrastructure, and also about how humans affect geological processes. The course covers the typical environmental geology topics (earthquakes, volcanoes, slope failures, etc.) but has a strong emphasis on Earth systems and especially on climate change. The motivation behind making this course open and widely available is the urgency of environmental issues like climate change, which is more important at this time than ever before. [Description from resource].

Includes: Instructor guide, student guide, assignments, marking rubrics, visual aids.

Licence: CC BY

Geological Structures: A Practical Introduction

This manual is about structures that occur within the Earth’s crust. Structures are the features that allow geologists to figure out how parts of the Earth have changed position, orientation, size and shape over time. 

Includes: Labs

Licence: CC BY-NC

GeoScience Images

Funded by the Tamaratt Teaching Professorship, this collection of geoscience-related images is an open-access source for teaching, learning, and research. It relies on contributions from users. Use these instructional images for use in course materials; exemplars with notes for students learning in the geosciences; and data for research and scholarship purposes (Description from UCalgary Digital Collections).

Licence: See individual image for licensing details.

Geosciences LibreTexts Library

A collection of open textbooks, assignments, and other educational resources on the subject of geosciences.

Includes: Lab experiments, case studies, interactive applications and worksheets

Licence: See individual resources for licensing details

Introductory Physical Geology Laboratory Manual – First Canadian Edition

Introduction to Geology is a textbook designed to ease new students into the often complex topics of Geology and the study of our planet and its makeup. The book assists readers through the beginning topics and nomenclature of Geology to familiarize them with Geology’s version of the scientific methods. This is an adaptation designed for students at the University of Saskatchewan. 

Includes: Exercises

Licence: CC BY-SA

Laboratory Manual for Introductory Geology

This textbook is a comprehensive lab manual for the core curriculum Introductory Geosciences classes with both informational content and laboratory exercises. Topics include basic laws and theories in Geology, the Earth’s interior and plate tectonics, water and climate change, igneous rocks and volcanoes, and earthquakes.

Licence: CC BY-SA

Reviews: Available through the Open Textbook Library

Physical Geology

This textbook was written by an earth sciences professor at Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia, Canada. This was done in collaboration with academics from various post-secondary institutions across BC and the rest of Canada. It has been successfully adopted.

Includes: Applications, chapter summaries, exercises, and solutions

Licence: CC BY

Surveying and Mapping

This book provides an introduction into the field of surveying and mapping.

Includes: Exercises and worked examples

Licence: CC BY-NC-SA

The Delft Sand, Clay & Rock Cutting Model

In dredging, trenching, (deep sea) mining, drilling, tunnel boring and many other applications, sand, clay or rock has to be excavated. This book gives an overview of cutting theories. It starts with a generic model, which is valid for all types of soil (sand, clay and rock) after which the specifics of dry sand, water saturated sand, clay, atmospheric rock and hyperbaric rock are covered.

Licence: CC BY-NC-SA

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