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Growth and Competitive Strategy in 3 Circles

The 3-Circle model was developed over the past several years, initially in strategic planning for a university graduate program and in an executive MBA course designed to integrate the concepts of marketing and competitive strategy. It has been reviewed.

Includes: Chapter summaries

Introducing Marketing (PDF)

This text introduces students to the marketing strategies and tools that practitioners use to market their products. Reviews are available through the Open Textbook Library.

Includes: Questions, key terms, projects, case studies

Introduction to Consumer Behaviour

This textbook was developed at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in BC, intended for undergraduate marketing and business students.

Includes: Ancillary resources, key terms, chapter reflections, glossary

Open Textbook Library’s Marketing Collection 

This is a list of marketing textbooks used in multiple institutions. More specific texts can be found here.

Principles of Marketing

This textbook teaches the language and process of marketing. Many reviews are available through the Open Textbook Library.

Includes: Learning objectives, key takeaways, review questions, test bank can be requested

The Power of Selling

The textbook teaches sales strategies. Reviews are available through the Open Textbook Library.

Includes: Review and practice, videos

Visuals for Influence: In Project Management and Beyond

This textbook teaches students how to use visualizations. It has been reviewed.

Includes: Visual archetypes

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