31 Respond to an Interview Results Email

On this page, you will read an email that someone received after a job interview. You will do the following:

  • Write an email.
  • Polish your email.

A. Write a Response

On the last page, you read the following email. Look at it one more time. Imagine you just received that email. It is a job offer for a job you would like.

  1. Imagine: What job did you apply for?
  2. Read the email again. How do you feel?
  3. What do you need to do?



Use the writing tool below to write a response to the email you just read.

  1. On the Write the email page, fill in the boxes to write the email.
  2. On the Export your email page, export your email into a Word document.


B. Polish Your Email

You exported your email into a Word document. Now polish it.

  1. Delete the bolded headings so only your email is left.
  2. Notice if any words are underlined in red. If they are, check their spelling.
  3. Review your email using the following checklist. If anything is missing, fix your email.


Now that you have polished your email, submit it to your teacher or tutor for feedback!

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