32 Post-Course Reflection


You worked through this online workbook. What did you achieve?

  • Well, you practised and improved your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills at a Canadian Language Benchmarks Level 3.
  • You also practised and developed many of the transferable Essential Skills that you need for success at work, in the community, and in school.


After working through this online workbook, you should be able to do the following:

  • Talk about personal skills and experience in an interview.
  • Explain how to prepare for an interview in Canada.
  • Use appropriate tone, language, and body language in a formal setting such as a job interview.
  • Read invitation and thank-you emails.
  • Write a follow-up thank-you email.

Post Checklist of Skills Activity

In the Introduction, you completed a Pre Checklist of Skills activity.

Do you remember how confident you were with the skills before you started this course?

Did you know what the skills were? Could you do them? Did you need help?

Now you will do the Post Checklist of Skills activity. Again, you will see a list of Essential Skills and CLB competencies related to job interviews. These are the skills and competencies you practised in this workbook.

Has anything changed? Are you more confident? Did you learn new skills?

  1. Click on Start and answer the questions.
  2. Then reflect on the description that appears on the Results page. Think about the results from the Pre Checklist of Skills activity you did at the beginning of the course.
  • Are you more confident now?
  • Do you know more?
  • Do you have more skills?
  • Can you work more independently?
  • Can you do the skills faster than before?
  • Can you do these skills more accurately?
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