23 Dress for Success

On this page, you will do the following activities:

  • Complete a vocabulary activity.
  • Compare the differences between business professional and business casual clothing.
  • Compare examples of appropriate and inappropriate interview clothing.

A. Review Vocabulary

Before you do the reading below, do this short activity to learn or review the vocabulary.


B. Read a Short Text

Read and listen to the short text below. You may want to shadow read with the audio. The vocabulary words you just learned are bolded.

Dress for Success

What does “dress for success” mean? This expression or phrase means to dress professionally. You want the interviewer to get a positive first impression of you. You should wear business professional or business casual clothing. You should dress as nicely as possible for an interview.

For some jobs, the nicest business casual clothes you have will be fine. For more professional business positions, it is a good idea to wear a black, grey, or navy suit.

Try to wear colours that are neutral or not too bright. You should not wear too many accessories. These are things like jewellery or watches. Remember that your clothing should be professional and conservative.


C. Appropriate and Inappropriate Interview Clothing

Look at the pictures below to see some examples of appropriate interview clothing.

Appropriate business attire for men

Appropriate business attire for women


Now, look at the pictures below of inappropriate kinds of clothing for an interview or professional workplace. How are they different?

Inappropriate Interview attire

Inappropriate Interview Attire for Women


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