25 Reading an Invitation Email

On this page, you will do several warm-up activities to get you ready for reading an interview invitation email. You will do the following:

  • Review vocabulary.
  • Review the parts of an email.
  • Read an email and answer questions.
  • Complete an email.

A. Vocabulary

You will read the following words in the sections below. Complete the following two questions to review or learn the words.


B. Recognize Parts of an Email

Knowing the parts of an email can help you find information quickly.

Look at the image of the email below. Drag and drop the labels to show that you understand the structure of an email.


C. Read an Email and Answer Questions

  1. Read this email. It is inviting you to an interview.
  2. Answer the 10 questions that follow.


D. Complete an Email

The following email is missing some parts. Read the sentences that are there. Then drag and drop to complete the email.



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