6 Vocabulary

On this page, you will learn vocabulary that you will see and hear later in this workbook. You will do the following:

  • Use Quizlet to learn the meanings of words.
  • Match words and meanings.
  • Read a definition and say the correct word.


You will see and hear new vocabulary in this lesson. Do the following activities to learn the new vocabulary.

A. Quizlet

First, go to Flashcards and review the meanings of the words. Click on the flashcard to see a definition. Click on the arrows to move from flashcard to flashcard.

Then click on Choose a Study Mode. Practise the words using Learn, Match, or Test.

Quizlet link: https://quizlet.com/_4xy9dw?x=1jqt&i=petgd

B. Vocabulary Quiz

Now do the following vocabulary quiz. Drag and drop to match the words and definitions. There are three questions.

C. Vocabulary – Speak Words

In the activity below, you will see the definitions of the vocabulary you just studied.

  • First, read the definition.
  • Then click Push to speak and say the word out loud. There are 21 questions.

Hint: Don’t get frustrated! The word recognition software is great but not perfect. If you try to say a word a few times and it does not recognize the word, check with your teacher or a fluent speaker of English. Ask if they can recognize the word when you say it!


Continuous Learning Tip

  1. Write the new words in sentences. This will help you remember them.
  2. Say the new words out loud.
  3. Notice the new words when you see them or hear them.
  4. Come back to this page and review the vocabulary. Do this one or two times in the next few days. Then review them again as you continue working through this workbook.
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