19 Past Job

On this page, you will listen to a man talking about his past job. You will do the following:

  • Review vocabulary.
  • Read and try out listening tips.
  • Listen and answer questions.
  • Write your opinion.

A. Vocabulary

You will hear or see the following words. Do you know what they mean?


B. Listening Strategies

Tip 1: Predict and be curious!

You will listen to an audio. The audio is related to this picture. What kind of job do you think the man in the picture has?

Tip 2: Listen for the main idea.

Listen to the audio. Then answer the main idea question below.


Tip 3: Read questions before listening. This can help you focus.

In section C below, you will listen and answer questions. Before you listen, click on Answer questions. Read through the questions. Think about the answers. Then listen. This helps you pay attention.

C. Listen and Answer Questions

Listen to the audio again. Answer the eight questions below.


D. Listen and Write a Response

You just listened to an employer talk about a job. Think about the job. Is it a good job for you?

  • If yes: Why?
  • If no: Why not?
  1. Type your answers in the box on the Your Opinion page.
  2. Export your ideas into a Word document on the Export your Answer page. You can submit this document to a teacher or tutor.
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