3.1 Where to Look for Library Materials

What type of material are you looking for?

There are many places to look for library materials. Where you look depends on what type of resource you are looking for.


Looking for Books? Videos? Journals? Music?

Try the library catalogue!

Search in the catalogue search bar on the library home page:



Search the main library search bar, or library catalogue for books


Looking for Journal Articles?

Try a database!

There are many options. Use Google Scholar or the Library Article Search. If you want to find more databases to try out, view the list of Databases.


Search for articles using the Find Articles or Google Scholar links


Looking for More Biological Sciences Information?

Check out our Subject Guides. Each subject guide contains the best resources for finding subject specific information.

Library homepage header highlighting subject guides

Choosing a Database
Choose the database that will work best for you:
Google Scholar: good for simple searches, it is the easiest database
Article Search: good for more complex searches
More databases (use databases such as Web of Science or Scopus): good for in depth searches and literature reviews



In order to easily access library materials, start your search at the library homepage


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